We are nonprofit team and work in Cambodia

We are nonprofit team and work in Cambodia

Vanny Noun,  Karen Bailey

Targeted People.
Children from Kindergarten to Primary School age in the poorest areas of Cambodia.

Mission and Goal.
Empowering children through knowledge and education to break the poverty cycle  by providing free English lessons to these communities. Building houses and improving sanitation within these areas.


Our Projects

Our organization is currently working within the rural countryside of Siem Reap. Providing free English speaking classes to under priviledged children. Offering a safe, nurturing and positive environment allowing the children the opportunity of a better future. Helping to end the poverty circle. Working closely with the community, including them in the process. We are also providing a sports field for football and volleyball, encouraging team sports and a hub for people to meet and play together. Providing a positive environment for all to enjoy.

Working with small groups of volunteers providing a supportive, motivating and friendly environment within our organization. Using their skills to make a positive difference to children’s lives.




English Education for children

Providing free English education for every child, in a safe, happy and stimulating environment. Allowing children to flourish and help break the ...

Providing food for the children

Providing food for the children. It is a well established fact that hunger impedes learning, so by supplying a meal, helps aid their concentration, ...

Providing decent outside space

Providing children with a decent outside space to ...

Become a Volunteer

Specialising in small groups of volunteers. Any ability or skill will be welcomed. Our qualified and friendly team will support, guide and help you achieve a highly rewarding experience. You will become part of our family.


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Happy classrooms

Happy classrooms

12 November 2018 | John

Happy positive classroom environment. Making learning ...

Teachers at the school

Teachers at the school

11 November 2018 | Ellen

Teachers at the ...

Eating before lessons

Eating before lessons

10 November 2018 | Poster

The children eating before ...